About Johnny Crash - JohnnyCrashPhotography

Johnny Crash is a professional photographer, originally from the San Francisco bay area now residing in the central valley (Modesto, Ca.) who specializes in outdoor portrait, hot rod and motorcycle and landscape photography.  

My first taste of photography came when I was about 14 years old. I worked as an assistant to a well known S.F. bay area wedding photographer. The bulk of my job consisted of lugging gear around and loading film for his Hassleblad (thus my enduring love for Hassys to this day). I, eventually, was handed a Canon 35mm film camera to capture candid shots of the receptions. What fun that was! I'm pretty sure that was when the roots began their course deep into my creative brain. 

Sadly, around the time I turned 16, I had decided wrenching on cars and general teenage tomfoolery was more "interesting". Not the best decision I have made, as it pulled me away from photography for about 20 years... Though I can yell you, some things just won't die. 

Sometime in 2007. I decided to pick up a point and shoot camera (Sony W70 to be exact) and started just "playing around" with it. At that time I was riding my Ducati Sport 1000, and was a regular on a few moto forums in the bay area. In one of those forums (I have since forgotten which, yay aging grey matter) a friend threw out a photo challenge... "Let's see photos of your moto in "odd" places". I struck out immediately, as I had what I thought was the perfect spot. Well, as some of us will ignore the "Private Property/No Trespassing to try and "get the shot" (in this case, "No motorized vehicles") I could be seen on my bright red Sport 1000 (head on a swivel looking for the "authorities" hoping I didn't get my moto impounded or myself arrested). As it turned out a photo of my moto stuck (on the way to my primary location) was the second most popular shot of the day. And the most popular was a shot that occurred to me as I left...a photo of my moto "stuffed" in an elevator (rear hanging out) that I title "I need a bigger lift" which was later published on CycleGear.com. That definitely sparked the idea that some folks might just like my "vision" and that I should spend a bit more time honing my early abilities.

After some deliberation and penny saving I bought my first DSLR (a Sony A350 with a 16-70 lens, later purchasing a 1.8 50 that became my workhorse). I spent most times shooting that which I had always loved, hot rods and motorcycles. After some time, I decided to try something different, live entertainment. I started by shooting local bands in San Francisco, then expanded to various forms of live entertainment (sideshow, belly dance and burlesque). I was one of the "official" photographers for San Franciscos Hubba Hubba Revue shooting both their monthly extravaganza and their weekly shows. During the same time I became the official photographer for Dr. Sketchys S.F. (a cabaret drawing event) where I was able to focus a bit more on composition as opposed to the frenetic action of live entertainment. Both have been amazing opportunities not only in exposure and meeting other fabulous artists, not to mention those models, subjects, friends and fans who stepped up when my gear was nearing the end of its life, and donated funds to help me purchase my new rig (Sony A900/50mm 1.8). But also in garnering more the enough material for two photo books (Burly Q:The Sparkly Side of San Francisco and My Year With Dr. Sketchys S.F.).

I regularly strive to challenge myself and push the limits of my vision and equipment. Be it portraits, live shots, cars and bikes, weddings or landscapes I work hard to capture not only the moment, but also express how each subject/client effects me, I'm here to tell stories, the stories of my subjects/clients as well as the ongoing story that is my journey through photography. 

After years in the San Francisco bay area, I am now located in the California central valley (Modesto, Ca.) and am looking forward to even more challenges in my new location.