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Mobile Photo of the Day

A collection of photos from my continuing effort to expand my subject matter... Photos will be added daily, then gathered into quarterly collections. Stay tuned and keep updated!

Please enjoy

Breaking the rules 


Though not necessarily hard and fast, there are rules to photography (the rule of thirds, light fall off, exposure etc.). These are a challenge themselves when attempting to express your own vision. Here I try to throw all those rules out the door! Exposure? Focus? Framing? Rules are meant to be broken!

Four Wheel Love

Photos of all things hot rod and performance. Classics, Kustoms, and just about any other form of automobile that strikes my fancy

Two Wheel Love

As much as I love cars, I have motorcycles in my DNA! I do lean towards Ducatis (and classic Bobber styled bikes!) but have a much love for all motos

Live Entertainment

Photos I've captured while shooting in various venues around the San Francisco bay area and beyond


Beaches, Bridges, Sunsets, Cemeteries. All the images that catch my eye while wandering about